"Stay Strong" Save 横浜 7th Avenue

Most of the Livehouses I know, are in big finanical problems now. No Lives - No Money. This is the current situation. Lots of them started crowdfunding, so also 7th Avenue in Yokohama

Their goal is to collect 3.000.000 JPY. Currently they´ve reached 24% with 25 days left. I really hope,they make it, because its my favorite Livehouse. We don´t want to lose it


Time To Break Up (Cover)

Anthony from Heart Like War made a Blink 182 cover in collaboration with A Page Unturned and Carlo Amendola

I hope, he will do a lot more if this cool stuff. Maybe also together with Green Eyed Monster 😍


Welcome to my Blog about my favorite Punk Bands

Since a few years, I´ve started going to lives in Japan and there a some bands, I really like, not only because of their music, its more like, they are friends. Of course, there are a lots of other bands, coming from overseas to Japan.

Japanese Punk Bands:

Green Eyed Monster
Wait for Sunlight
Settle On
Stone Leek

American Punk Bands:

The Promise Drive
Heart like War

I´m going to write and post pictures, videos ect. from the lives I´ve been to. At the moment, I´m creating the pages for the bands and can show you only older videos and pictures, because due Corona, there aren´t any lives till May....